Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

#1 Clean the fireplace
A fireplace keeps things warm and cozy, and it is also easy and inexpensive to maintain. The key is to have your fireplace cleaned annually, before you start using it in the fall and winter.  To get your fireplace fire-ready, hire a chimney cleaner to rid your it of creosote and other build-up.

#2 Inspect your roof
Your roof endures the brunt of wintry conditions to protect your home, wearing down over time. Check your roof regularly for signs of damage.

#3 Maintain your heating system
Your heating system works overtime in the winter, especially if you’re turning the heat up to 70 or 80 degrees. Have a heating professional perform regular maintenance on your system to keep it in working order. And consider turning the heat down at night to give your it a break.

#4 Hang extra window treatments
Consider hanging extra curtains and blinds in the living room and bedrooms to help insulate and keep the heat in. On sunny days, open them and let the light in to warm up the rooms; at night, close them tightly to keep the warm air in and prevent cold air from getting through. Thermal curtains offer added lining for increased insulation.

#5 Clear snow from driveways and walkways
Snow and ice build-up can be dangerous. For your safety, and for the safety of your family members and neighbors, it is important to immediately plow or shovel snow and cover traffic areas with salt. A snow removal service can quickly rid your yard of snow piled by city plows.