Green builds = Energy efficient

Reduce Construction Costs

Wilcon Construction Inc uses green building methods to help reduce costs. This is the "new" era in construction methods utilizing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D.) concepts.

To us, better means creating safe and healthy work and living spaces for our customers. We can build your project to any level of green building that you desire. Green construction doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive and at Wilcon Construction we have the expertise to bring your project in on budget while keeping our environment in mind.

Green homes are designed to provide homeowners with comfortable, durable, environmentally friendly homes that are cost-effective to own and operate. These resource-efficient homes are crafted to exceed building codes and provide homeowners with years of quality living, while protecting our precious environment.

Green Building Benefits

  • Enhanced occupant comfort and health

  • Improved indoor environmental quality

  • Increased energy efficiency and renewable energy

  • Long-term costs outweigh initial building costs of building

  • Maximized conservation of materials and resources

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Green Building Examples